The Game Plan

Financial Illiteracy is destroying our country!

The Financial Literacy Coach and staff have a passion to increase the financial literacy of college students by partnering with Student Development and Student Affairs Staff to create fun, memorable learning experiences like no others. By delivering clever, engaging and interactive programming, The Financial Literacy Coach offers a proven program for teaching financial success skills that can literally change the financial futures of your students.

Founded in 2009, The Financial Literacy Coach was the first ever financial literacy speaker included on the NCAA's Speaker Registry. We have taught tens of thousands of college students, just like yours, the simple truth of what it takes to become a financial winner. We take the mystery out of becoming financially successful and all of our programming is designed to take complicated financial concepts and present them in such a way that they are easily understood and relevant. Plus we also have a ton of fun! We have even served as a resource for the rookie camps of many NFL teams as well as many of the NBA D-League teams.

We are a very safe resource for any school to bring to campus as we don't represent any financial service firms and we don't take clients of any kind. We also offer a "money back" success guarantee that ensures that our campus programs are a big success or we don't take a dime. Additionally, we carry $2 million in aggregate liability insurance and indemnify our hosts in writing. Click here to find out more about our very unique and impactful Literacy Programs.

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