The Scouting Reports

Who knew financial literacy could be fun? I am so thankful for Eric's enthusiasm in educating student-athletes. His approach to a complex subject is so refreshing, easy to understand, and very engaging. The University of Georgia will definitely have him back for years to come to teach our student-athletes about this very important life skill.
Heather LaBarbera
Director of Student Services
University of Georgia

The positive impact Eric Smith’s program brings to Michigan State University student-athletes is truly unmeasurable. The expert knowledge, presentation style and professionalism are all elite, and our student-athletes are overwhelmingly engaged in the material. In almost 20 years in the industry, I have not come across a more comprehensive and effective financial literacy curriculum for student-athletes. Eric Smith is a must have, and he will enhance your student-athlete development offerings to an elite level.
Jim Pignataro
Associate AD, Student Services
Director, SASS
President, N4A

There is always a bit of risk involved when putting someone in front of your student-athletes, but Eric Smith put money in the bank! Engaging, dynamic, and informative. Through his “Money Game Awareness” program, Eric shared valuable information relevant to the college generation. He skillfully connected with our student-athletes and engaged their thinking as he talked about the basics of cash flow – budgeting, spending, and saving. He kept it real and motivated our student-athletes to be financially responsible NOW!
Jessie Gardner
Director of Student-Athlete Enhancement
University of Alabama

Eric's presentation was not only informative, but fun. Our student-athletes were engaged the entire time and I know they walked away armed with new knowledge that will hopefully improve their financial lives in the future. On a side note, you know Eric was impactful when there was a long line of students waiting to talk with him at the end of the evening.
Erin Burdis
Assistant Athletics Director for Academics
Eastern Michigan University

I first encountered Eric Smith at an NFL/NCAA Life Skills Symposium. All I’ve been hearing throughout our industry is how impactful his work has been with student-athletes. When we brought Eric to Pitt, he did not disappoint. He has a knack for capturing our student-athletes attention and opening their eyes to the importance of financial habits and how they can have a positive or negative impact on their future. Our student-athletes were engaged and really took Eric’s program to heart. Since his program in the spring, many of our student-athletes have come to our Life Skills office to work on financial budgets and personal finances. We recently had him on campus again to work with our first year student-athletes and the results were exactly the same. We plan on having Eric back and are very grateful to have him be a part of our Life Skills program.
Penny Semaia
Senior Associate Athletic Director for Student Life
University of Pittsburgh

Eric holds the key that unlocks the door to financial awareness. His expertise and passionate delivery equips student-athletes with skills beneficial for life-long financial success. West Virginia University Student-Athletes were empowered by Eric’s rich -in-content message, energetic style, and genuine care for their financial well-being. Get Eric in front of your student-athletes – you won’t regret it!
Brady W. Rourke
Associate Athletic Director, Student-Athlete Development
West Virginia University

It is always great bringing Eric Smith to campus to discuss financial literacy with our first year and third year student-athletes. The way he presents intimidating material shows our student-athletes that they have the opportunity to be financially successful as they transition into college, budgeting their own money for the first time, and as they transition after college, receiving their first working-world paycheck. Eric’s comprehensive material is adaptable to the needs and developmental levels of our student-athletes, and building programs around those demographics has been extremely beneficial in our Student-Athlete Development curriculum. Brittany McGowan
Student-Athlete Development Coordinator
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Eric your presentation was awesome! Our student athletes absolutely loved your interactive presentation. I am so glad that we were able to make this happen and I look forward to having you present to our student athletes again!
Lindsey Burr
Student Athlete Services
Florida Gulf Coast University

Eric was a fresh voice for our speaker series at Fairleigh Dickinson University. Having someone come in who was so enthusiastic about budgeting and financial planning got the kids excited about it. His interactive presentation held the interest of the student-athletes and I have heard them referencing his presentation days later. He gives practical, usable, immediate information that the student-athletes (and staff members for that matter) can use right away. Thanks again Eric!
Jennifer W. Quirk
Assistant Athletic Director for Academics
Fairleigh Dickinson University

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. The wealth of information you brought to the program will make a lasting effect.
Mark Carrier
Player Engagement
Carolina Panthers

We loved hosting Eric Smith. What a fantastic learning experience for our athletes!
Dr. Joe Luckey
Sr. Associate AD/Student-Athlete Support Services
University of Cincinnati

Eric Smith was a terrific presenter to our student-athletes because he is a great speaker; he comes across as being someone who sincerely cares about their financial futures and his message was delivered in an entertaining fashion! From savings, to credit, to identity theft, budgets, investments and retirement, the information Eric presented was relevant to today’s college students and they all walked away with a better appreciation of what it takes to become financially secure: starting now. We were very happy we asked him to our campus!
Joan P. Hopkins
Associate Athletic Director Academic Support Services
University of Massachusetts

Your years of research, your depth of understanding of user interfaces, and your ability to present the subject in such an interesting way produced one of the most memorable workshops that our student athletes have been a part of, to date. Please consider adding Jackson State University, and other institutions from the Southwestern Athletic Conference (SWAC), to your annual speaking engagements. Thank you again for your contribution to our student athletes’ Financial Wellness aspirations.
Genese Lavalais
Jackson State University
Assistant Director of Athletics for Academics

Eric’s program was not only highly informational but incredibly engaging as well. Our student-athletes left with an increased awareness of how to be financially successful and had fun while doing so! I would recommend Eric’s presentation as a valuable component to any life skills or personal development program.
Dan Jacobs, M.Ed.
University of Southern Mississippi
Academic Counselor & Life Skills Coordinator

We were very impressed with the energy and information that Eric Smith provided through The Money Game program to our Badger student-athletes. His caring attitude before and after each program, in combination with a clear and concise message, left our students-athletes walking away with information that is important in their development as young adults. He was effective, engaged our students and simplified everything for them. We look forward to future programming with Eric.
Kelly Higgins
Football Academic Advisor
Student-Athlete Development Coordinator
University of Wisconsin-Madison

We’ve had Eric to campus twice to present to our seniors. On both visits, he impressed us with his ability to make a fairly benign topic exciting and interactive. Our student-athletes walked away with a better understanding of what it takes to be successful in their lives financially. They left the room with tangible things they could do NOW that will affect them for the rest of their lives.
Alison Quandt
Boston College Athletics
Life Skills Coordinator

I can say without hesitation that it was the most educational personal development workshop I’ve witnessed in my years working as UK Athletics Life Skills Coordinator. Mr. Smith is professional, has a strong desire to educate students on a wide range of financial literacy topics and would be an excellent addition to any personal development program.
Dustin Lewis
Life Skills Coordinator
University of Kentucky Athletics

Thank you so much for providing our student-athletes with a terrific overview of financial literacy. Your willingness to cater your presentation to our underclassmen and upperclassmen created an atmosphere more suited to enhance the learning experience. Our student-athletes were much more focused and interested in your topic than in any presenter I have ever seen.
Jessica Clarke Leger
Assistant Athletic Director/Compliance
University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Eric Smith’s “Money Game” financial education workshop presented to the Miami Dolphins rookies was outstanding. Many incoming NFL players lack financial education, financial resources, and financial skills to be successful. The “Money Game” workshop provided the financial tools to be successful not only while playing in the NFL, but also beyond their playing days. The interaction, engagement, and real life scenarios allowed our players to forecast how to effectively budget their money to ensure they win the “Money Game”.
Kaleb Thornhill
Director of Player Development
Miami Dolphins

Thanks for such an enlightening seminar, The Money Game. Everyone really enjoyed it. It was an awesome presentation and something that everyone in the room needed to hear. The coaches gave great feedback. Thanks for sharing your message with us and I look forward to talking with you soon.
Lawanda Pearson
SAAC Advisor/ Life Skills Coordinator
Clark Atlanta University

I highly enjoyed the program. I think the material was presented in a way that kept the student-athletes’ attention and did not overwhelm them with too much information at once. I think the presentation was highly effective. It focused on actual situations the students will encounter and answered a lot of their questions about financial preparedness.
Kristin Hopkins Rusboldt
Coordinator, Student-Athlete Development
University of Memphis

I would rank him and his program as one of the best financial programs we have ever had in my 8 years. Eric connected with our players as well as submitting exceptionally well- researched information. Eric is highly intelligent and has good analytical and communication skills. If his performance with the Seahawks is a good indication of how he would perform in yours, he would be an extremely positive asset to your program.
Maurice Kelly
Senior Director of Player Development
Seattle Seahawks

Your presentation style and insight to financial wealth was a meaningful experience for our students and staff. You have a special way of presenting a valuable topic and you do it in a manner that students and staff members can relate to!
Maya Ozery
Longwood University
Director of Academic Services

I think you provide a great service to our players.
Brandon Shore
Finance & Legal Affairs Specialist
Miami Dolphins

I can honestly say I think your presentation is the best program we have ever brought in.
Angela Montie
Director, Student-Athlete Development
Michigan State University

Your program and presentation were terrific. Thanks for doing such a good job.
Gregory Prechtl
Athletic Director
SUNY Fredonia University

Thank you for a great presentation.
William Morris
Athletic Director
Daemen College

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