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Financial illiteracy is destroying our country!

The Financial Literacy Coach has a passion to increase the financial literacy of all of his audiences by partnering with Student Development, Student Affairs, TRIO, financial aid, HR and Student Athlete Development staff to create fun and memorable learning experiences like no others. By delivering clever, engaging and interactive programming, The Financial Literacy Coach offers a proven program for teaching financial success skills that can literally change the financial futures of your students, athletes, staff, or employees.

Founded in 2009, The Financial Literacy Coach was the first ever financial literacy company to be included on the NCAA’s national Speaker Registry.

Eric Smith, the owner and founder of The Financial Literacy Coach, has presented to over 250,000 students, college and professional athletes, and employee groups the simple truth of what it takes to become a financial winner. Eric takes the mystery out of becoming financially successful and all of his programming is designed to take complicated financial concepts and present them in such a way that they are easily understood and extremely relevant no matter one’s age or educational level. Plus every program created by Eric is designed to be a lot of fun and super engaging. In addition to presenting to hundreds of thousands of students, Eric has served as a resource for 27 NFL camps, the US Army BOSS Program, the NBA G League(twice), many of the POWER 5 athletic programs across the country, multiple D1, D2, and D3 athletic programs, financial planning associations, nearly 100 federal TRIO programs and was even an invited presenter at the NBA Draft program.

Eric is a proven and safe resource for any school, team or organization to bring to campus (either virtually or in-person) as he does not represent any financial service firms and doesn’t take clients of any kind. Eric even offers a “money back” success guarantee that ensures that his programs are a big success or he doesn’t take a dime. Eric currently has the highest reviewed financial literacy program ever created for college and high school students. Find out for yourself why so many schools, athletic departments, teams and organizations continue to trust Eric Smith to teach what is arguably the MOST important life skill of all.